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Rwanda Throw | Cocoa/Firecrakcer

Rwanda Throw | Cocoa/Firecrakcer

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The women of Rwanda are world-renowned for their woven baskets and produce a number of different styles. These baskets are handcrafted by female artisans whose skill has been passed down from mother to daughter through the generations. The baskets are an important part of Rwandan culture and are used in everyday life to carry food and grains. The agaseke, characterized by its conical fitted lid, is often used to carry gifts for important ceremonies such as weddings and christenings. The traditional woven basket bowls of Rwanda have become widely recognized and used as beautiful and unique wall art. Hand-dyed strands of mainly sisal and grass fiber are woven together to create the geometric patterns in a combination of natural shades mixed with naturally-dyed colours. The iconic zigzag patterns symbolize two women holding hands in unity, reconciliation and hope for the future.

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