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Kuba Multi Throw | Cinnabar/Clay

Kuba Multi Throw | Cinnabar/Clay

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This beautifully crafted throw is inspired by the elaborate and complex designs of the traditional Kuba cloth, unique to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Perpetuating the rich cultural traditions, the men grow the raa palms, and then weave the leaves into the base fabric. The women then embroider surface decorations onto the fabric transforming it into various forms of textiles, such as ceremonial skirts, tribute cloths, head-dresses and basketry. At a point in Kuba history, aristocratic titles, up to and including that of the king of the Kuba Empire, ceased to be hereditary and were awarded based on merit. Fierce competition for these positions was one of the major forces behind the evolution of Kuba weaving arts. Today, the cloth that they produce has become a popular international design trend.

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