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Basotho Throw | Iron/Bone

Basotho Throw | Iron/Bone

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The Basotho Heritage Blankets are recognized the world over as the iconic wearing blanket of Southern Africa. The tradition, culture and custom of the revered blankets tells the story of Lesotho, a nation steeped in pride. During the mid-1800’s King Moshoeshoe I, the founder of the Basotho nation, was gifted a blanket which he draped around his shoulders and so began the blanket wearing tradition. The country’s rich history is woven into every
fiber of these striking and beautifully crafted blankets. This throw was inspired by the many unique motifs, such as the corn-cob, the crown and the Mokorotlo (traditional Basotho hat). These cultural motifs are found in the designs of many of the Basotho Heritage brands, such as the famous Seanamarena and Victoria England.

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